Message above is fundamental principle of theosophy because the word itself means divine wisdom. Theosophy is a philosophy which is ages old but it is also modern to last discovery in scientific laboratory; it is not learning but a way of living, thinking in world that should be experienced. Theosophy points to a spiritual path which can help us to reach heights of our higher spiritual potential. Theosophy embodies a view at world as vision of human self-transformation.
This tradition stands on three pillars of theosophy:

1) To create core of brotherhood between people, regardless of race, nationality, social status or gender.

2) To accelerate comparative study of religion, philosophy and science.

3) To research yet unknown natural laws and latent powers of human.

Theosophy encourages us to function from knowledge of our unity with all others and to strive to awaken our higher capabilities of intuition, understanding, love, compassion and creativity. It helps as to develop our practical skills over altruistic acting that serves humanity. This is a philosophy that must be understood, not just blindly accepted. It is not religion, although its ideas can be found in all major religions of world. Studying theosophy encourages us toward meditation, calming of mind and emotions for purpose of feeling deeper level of consciousness that is our essence and heart of all beings.

Real theosophist is one that is dedicated to truth and love to all living beings, bound to life of active altruism and honest thinking and feeling in world.



Theosophical library and reading room of Alma M. Karlin in Celje (TKBAK) is  operational from the year of 2009 and has mission to be a place of a research, deepening and learning contents which are inside of lives of all beings. Accordingly we invite like-minded to join in our library, which is first and currently the only library of this kind in Slovenia. There are more than 9000 books available from areas of philosophy, theosophy, esoteric, psychology, social sciences, literature and art. Updated catalog of books is accessible on our internet pages.

Members of our library can drink tea in our nice chat room. In quiet and cozy room we can study books, read magazines; some interesting texts also can be copied. Or you can just enjoy in hanging out in the presence of theosophical books…


Library offers its members and visitors also a broad program of different events: lectures, workshops, study groups, meditations and weekend workshops. There is broad selection of thematic; some of us are attracted to different philosophies, while other are attracted to art or science – referring to ecology and psychology.

Interesting lecturers with vast amount of knowledge and personal experiences from different areas will help us to uncover yet unknown part of us or world. Welcome to our events of diverse topics which we organize for all who would be interested in it. Updated program is presented by topic and is also available chronologically on our internet pages. You can also sign up to our e-news to keep up-to date.