The study groups

The study group consists of a group of individuals who studies a pre-selected text or topic.
By this way we are touching and deepening the important topics within theosophy, science and comparative religion.
What an individual acquires by studying in a group and what are the advantages of a group study?

  • Individual strengthens, clarifies and deepens his learning.
  • Individual person builds an individual study with a group study.
  • Group stud provides feedback and exchange of views.
  • Group study places an emphasis on group work and functioning of the group.
  • Group study encourages the intellectual debate between individuals who act as a group.



Members of the Theosophical library and reading room of Alma M. Karlin (TKBAK) promote research and open debate on world religions, philosophy, science and art, and respect for unity.
For further information contact us via

Meetings of study groups are every Thursday at 19:00.

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