Ceremony of the Liberal Catholic Church


Ceremonies are held every first and third Sunday of the month.


Liberal Catholic Church is an independent religious association, independent from the Roman or other stool or authorities. It is neither Roman Catholic nor a Protestant but Catholic – universal. Liberal means the share views are liberal and catholic. It tries to merge the Catholic form of worship with the widest freedom and openness of mind and respect for individual conscience. Throughout the centuries many churches with the origins from the Roman Catholic Church occurred.
Liberal Catholic Church was formed in 1919 from deriving from different theosophical ways. It has always been an independent organization and also independent of the Theosophical Society. Today Liberal Catholic Church in Slovenia is completely independent of other churches with tradition of liberal Catholicism. It is linked and cooperated with several bishops, churches and organizations around the world. It carries ecumenical quality, the need for liberal, freedom and cooperation.
In the Liberal Catholic Church everyone who is approaching respectfully, regardless of church affiliation or creed, is welcomed.

SKC in emissions of Duhovni utrip (Spiritual beat):

Lepota in razum (22.1.2016):

Medverski dialog (4.5.2015):

Svobodna katoliška cerkev (10.10.2011):

Škofovska posvetitev (4.6.2012)

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