Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

HPB      (1831-1891)


Parapsychological medium and founder of the Theosophical Society was an early interest in the occultism, Shamanism and magic. She was born on 31 July 1831 as Helena Petrovna Hahn in Jekaterinoslav in southern Russia. Her father was Colonel Peter von Hahn, son of General Alexis von Rottenstern Hahn, who was absent most of the time. Mother, Helena Fadejeva, died when her daughter was barely eleven years old. Thus, Helena grew up in the house of his grandparents in Saratov, where her grandfather was governor of the state.
Clearly, she was an exceptional child with early-developed psychic powers which she already knew in early period, that she is different from the people around her. At the same time impatient to any authority, but a deeply sensitive, she was blessed with many gifts. Clear linguist, very good pianist and skilful artist, she was also a trained rider and to a large extent one with nature around her self. Very early on, she felt that her purpose of life is service, in which her evolving spiritual powers harnessed for the benefit of mankind.
Birthplace of H. P. Blavatsky, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine
When she was barely eighteen, she married 40-year-old General Nicephore Blavatsky. They say she proposed him in three days, because her governess was taunting her, that because of her rebellious attitude she will never get a husband, nor such as Nikifor V. Blavatsky, a family friend, who was deputy governor of the province of Yerevan. So, she accepted challenge that was not a reflection of her own love or desire. After a few months he escaped and traveled through Egypt, Greece and the lesser known parts of eastern Europe, with the money, which was provided by the father.


In 1851 she was in London and there on her twentieth birthday met the Master Morya, or M., as he was later known in the theosophical movement. He told her something about the work that awaited her. From this moment onwards, she accepted his leadership, both for her own internal development, as well for external work for humanity.
In 1852 she tried after the adventurous traveling around America for the first time to come to Tibet, where lived her Master, but apparently the time was not yet ripe, so she did not get further than Nepal. She went back to London and then sailed to the United States, where she spent about two years. She then traveled through Japan to India and this time managed to get into Tibet through Kashmir and Ladakh. Here began her true law practice. After three years, which she spent with the Master, during the turbulent period of rebellion she returned to India and from there to Europe.
She came home unannounced, but soon resumed its journey through the Caucasus, Georgia and also somewhere else that is not known. In the period from 1867 to 1870, she was again in Tibet, where she wrapped up control over her own occult powers and she purified herself of what is called “physical and mental weaknesses”, with which she thought on the last traces of negative mediumship.
This was followed by a further period of travel, during which she visited Egypt, Syria and Constantinople. When she was in Odessa, her Master sent her to Paris, where she received direct instructions for her way to New York. There he disembarked on 7. July of year 1873.
In 1873 she was forty-two years old, and at the highest point of her exceptional spiritual, mental and psychic powers. According to those who have practiced her, she was for the work they had in mind, the best of all available instruments. Namely, that she offers to world offers a new presentation of Theosophy, “Divine Wisdom”, “the accumulated wisdom of centuries, verified and validated by the many generations of psychics.”
The task that was ahead of her was terrible. On the one hand, to challenge entrenched beliefs and dogmas of rooted Christianity, on the other hand, the same dogmatic views of Sciences of that time. But in this dual mental trench appeared crack. Caused by spiritualism, which was at that time spreading across America. And work that was entrusted to the glittering but excitable Russian woman was, as she understood it, clearly: “They sent me to explain spiritualistic phenomena and their reality and to reveal the fallacy of spiritualistic theories about ghosts.”
When proving psychological level over the physical, with its own astonishing phenomenas she become synonymous with the Spiritualists, but she with an extremely detailed teaching of ancient wisdom, and in particular the principles of the seven  natures of human, she also created enemies. In New York, she came into contact with Colonel H. S. Olcott and W. Q. Judge, lawyers who were interested in this new phenomena.
In 1875 she together with many other stakeholders, established a new society “for the collection and dissemination of knowledge about the laws that govern the universe.” For it, she has choosen the name of Theosophy, “Divine Wisdom, or a combination of knowledge and wisdom, which is basically the Universe”, a word that was originally used in 3. year AC by Neo-Platonists. The Theosophical Society was founded in New York on 17. November in year of 1875.
In preparing the way for a new movement she started writing Isis Unveiled, “Universal key to the mysteries of ancient and modern science and theology,” on which she worked the next two years. Meanwhile, Colonel Olcott dedicated to the organization of new society. Isis Unveiled was published in 1877 in New York City and has had immediate success. The Theosophical Society, which has with it’s objectives raised considerable interest, support and opposition, has rapidly expanded. In 1878 they, again, under the direction of his Master, Mme. Blavatsky and a Pol. Olcott sailed to India.
Soon after landing in Bombay they have received a letter from A. P. Sinnett from Allahabad, at that time the editor of The Pioneer. Mme. Blavatsky shortly afterwards connected Sinnett together with the Masters, who were supporting  Theosophical movement, and from this union was born between 1880 and 1884 long correspondence, which was later published as The Mahatma Letters to A.P. Sinnett. Sinnett has from letters summed up his understanding of the Masters and their teachings, first in The Occult World (1883) and later in Esoteric Buddhism (1883). And these two books do reasonable pour from the same source as Mme. Blavatsky’s knowledge of occult learning content Mahatma Letters and The Secret Doctrine.
After wide traveling around India, founders returned to Bombay and in October 1879 they published the first issue of the magazine The Theosophist, with Mme. Blavatsky as editor . In May, 1880, they visited Ceylon and publicly accepted the “Pancha Silo” . Olcott this is explained thus: “previously, in America, we opted for the Buddhist, both private and public, so this was the only formal confirmation of our previous statements.”
In May 1882 the founders purchased at Adyar, near Madras, a large estate, which became and remained headquarters of the Theosophical Society to the present day. Here they stabilized and with very little help estabilished new lodges, accepting visitors and led an extremely extensive correspondence and issued the magazine The Theosophist. Colonel Olcott started his exceptional life of healer and lecturer. In Ceylon he inspired a renaissance of Buddhism. In 1884 he traveled to London to the British government, to hand over a petition of Sinhalese buddhists. Mme. Blavatsky monitored him despite his ill health.
In Europe she recovered and was everywhere received with great enthusiasm. Her shining eloquence, deep knowledge and reputation for psychic powers attract attention everywhere. Meanwhile, her postholders in Adyar, Coulomb, prepared an evil and dangerous attack. In Adyar, she returned in November 1884 and became aware of its details. She wanted to prosecute pair, which, because of their coarse slander of Mme. Blavatsky in connection with the alleged fraudulent implementation of the occult phenomena in Adyar, the committee responsible fired before that, it did not allow. With disgust she has withdrawn all of her positions and in March 1885 she traveled to Europe and never come back.
The attack was groundless, as was later proved. In the absence of the founders, postholders, who were fired for incompetence and other, even less friendly things, sent to the newspaper of Christian missionary in Madras two letters in which they Mme. Blavatsky condemned cheating. The Society for Psychic Research from London, who has not taken into account her smooth rejection of letters has sent to India a young man, Richard Hodgson, to report on the allegations of Coulomb. This report, published in December 1885 has been the basis for all further attacks on Mme. Blavatsky, regarding her morality, worthlessness of “theosophy” and even the absence of the Masters. Finally, in year of 1963, with help of unpublished documents at that time, Mr. Adlai Waterman in his: Obitary – The ” Hodgson Report” on Madame Blavatsky, that was published by the Theosophical Publishing House in Adyar, analyzed the whole sad story and completely tore up report without bias.
However, the effect of this violent attack on Mme. Blavatsky by side of pair, with whom she have had a long friendship, was serious. Already she was too busy and ill-health, so she upon her arrival in Europe felt very bad. However, in August, she anyway began in Würzburg, Germany, writing its largest work (The Secret Doctrine) .In 1866 she moved to Ostende and in the following year, at the invitation of the English Theosophists to a small house , which was prepared for her in Norwood, London. However, this building soon proved to be too small, so she moved to Lansdowne Road 17 in Notting Hill, where she with help of Mabel Collins, Archibald and Bertram Keightley ended Secret Doctrine. It was published in 1888th. In 1887, because she lost control of Theosophist magazine, which was published in Adyar, set up a monthly Lucifer. It was designed, as she has written on it’s front page, “to bring to light the hidden things of Darkness.”


In 1889 she moved to Avenue Road 19 in St. John’s Wood, and there she published The Key to Theosophy, “a clear presentation of the ethics of science and philosophy in the form of questions and answers for this study, which was founded the Theosophical Society.”
That same year she translated the selected excerpts from the Tibetan writtings, which she learnt it while her training in Tibet , and published them as The Voice of Silence, ‘ devoted to the Few”. The Voice of Silence, which means inner voice that you can hear when silence occurs – when calm your mind.
She died peacefully at her home Aenue Road 19, 8. May of 1891, her body was cremated in Woking. Almost 100 years after her death, in year of 1986, the Society of psychological research (Psychical Research Society) official apologized for defamation and ignorance of the positive contributions of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky.


»Every religion is just fraction of divine truth.«

»Gratitude has larger benefit for one, who gives it, than for another who receives it.«

»Never become echo of anything, that you’ve heard about someone, never cultivate revenge against those, who hurted you.«

»Teacher can only show us way, which they walked before us, they can’t walk on it instead of us..«

»All discussions are not appropriate for translation, because such ethics today’s world, which is directed toward selfishness and attached to sensory things, is not able to accept. Such advices can be understood in right way only by man, which seriously aims toward self-realization.«

»Mind is big destroyer of truth. Let student destroy the destroyer.«

»Cancel the life in current physical personality, if you want to live in spirit.«

»Fight with own filthy thoughts, before they got power over you. Take care with them, as they would with you.«

»Essence of matery and spirit can never meet. There is no space for both, and one of those two must disappear.«

»You can’t travel on Road, if you yourself don’t become Road.«

»Allow every human teardrop to fall on heart and stay there. Don’t dry her, until pain disappears, which created her.«

»Ladder, on which the one, being tested is raising up, are made of pain and suffering. They can be kept quiet only by voice of virtue.«

»Before you, the learner, is long and tough way. Only one thought about past, which you left behind, will pull you into

depth and you will have to climb up again.«

»Light, that illuminates, shines from you, you who were learner, now you are Teacher.«

»It’s sad, that all people have ray of Big Soul and are one with it, but despite, use it so poorly.«

»Mainly, you have to learn to distinct between teaching of head and wisdom of soul, between doctrine of eye and doctrine of heart.«

»Praise leads to self-scam… Your Self is truly without body and is not affected by praises or critics.«

»Worshipping of self is like high tower, which is climbed by fool. There he sits in his haughty solitude and no one can see him, except himself.«

»Don’t believe if you sit in dark forrest, in complete isolation from people, if you live from plants, roots and drink from snow from mighty mountains – don’t believe that this will bring you to final salvation.«

»Self-realization is child of works, that were done with love.«

»’Alive’ is immortal higher Ego, ‘Dead’ is lower personal ego.«

»Angelic seeing and hearing can’t be obtained in one short life.«

»Big is the killer of lust. Even bigger is one, within whom divine Self killed even knowing about existance of lust.«

»Sweet are the fruits of rest and freedom from oneself, but more sweeter are fruits of long bitter service.«

»In Eternal there are no changes.«

»You have to feel, that you are Thought itself, but despite it you have to throw all thoughts from your soul.«

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