Christianity is monoteistic relgion and one of twelfth main world religions,kriz
based of teachings of Jesus Christ. His followers named his Christ. This
is greek word for hebrew Messiah, which means savior. For christians,
Jesus is Son of God, God in human form.
They believe he came to earth, to rescue people from their bad works,
called sins. He done that by suffering has man and he sacrifised his
life. Christianity was founded on territory of today’s Israel. It is spread
around almost entire world, especially in Europe, Northern and Southern America, Australia and New Zealand. With more than billion believers it is
largest world religion. Members of christianity are called christians. Because of meaing of Christ’s offering for all people, is symbol of christianity a cross. In two thousand of years of existence, christianity divides itself into three braches: catholics, orthodoxy and protestantism. Each of those three branches is divided into smaller communities, called Churches (in the strict sense). Church in wide sense covers all christians around the world. With over 2 billion of believers, christianity is largest world religion. Christians have christianity for update of Jewish religion, and because of that they mainly accept basic moral laws from old testament (from Judaism) – especially ten commandments. Christians believe that Jesus Christ was son of God and the same time God itself, born from virgin, and sent to estabilish Church, and that he was crucified, and that he rose from dead and redeemed humanity. This mentality formed in first centuries at ecumenic councils of all chrstian Chruches and it is common to majority of chrstians: catholics, orthodox and protestants. Most of christians know sacrament of baptism and eucharist (sacred dinner), furthermore many also sacrament of confirmation (anointih with myrrh), confession (forgiveness of sins), priestly ordination , marriage and the anointing of the sick.
Christians believe in triune God. This belief is described in detail by Istanbul creed, common to (almost) all christian Churches. This belief formed at first ecumenic councils. Jesus’s public ministry can be considered as beginning of christianity, around year of 33 AC. After his death, teachings were spread by his disciples – apostols. But probably the christianity would stay as unimportant Jewish sect, if Paul (als named as Savel from Tars) hadn’t decide to disclose new religion to wider public (cosmopolitism). Christianity has then spread it’s impact among Jewish and non-jewish, with supervision, that all people are the same before God. Christianity accepted some habits, ceremonies and feasts, also from (oriental) cults, spread through the then Roman empire. Decisive impact had also war of doomsday (years of 66 – 70), in which Jewish people resisted toward Romans. At that time, Christianity was prosecuted.