In the context of the Theosophical library and reading room of Alma M. Karlin (TKBAK) already in 2009 opened its doors the first and only Theosophical Library in Slovenia. The library was founded as a resource and encouragement for independent research. Our book collection includes more than 9,000 book units. It is dedicated to the memory of the great Slovenian writer, traveler, poet, collector, poliglot and theosophist Maximiliana Alma Karlin. Alma M. Karlin, born in Celje, is Slovenian phenomenon of brave women who in 1919 went with her typewriter, famous ‘Erika’, at eight years of dangerous and risky journey around the world, about which she also wrote in her works.


Throughout life goes alone and abandoned, who always thought only of himself; But he who knows how to lovingly adapt and happily rotate all things, who always knows where to help another, and expending others, this life is flourishing meadow and even after his death remain behind traces of his works.”

(Pod Košatim očesom, Alma M. Karlin)

In addition to the works, collections and photos of Alma M. Karlin, library offers a number of public works and collections in the field of theosophy, philosophy, psychology, sociology, anthropology, world religions, ecology, ecological building, esoteric traditions, personal and spiritual development. There are records that Alma M. Karlin hang out with the Celje’s theosophists and also with theosophists around the world. She incorporated theosophical elements in her literally works.


Alma M. Karlin Library supports the exploration of physical, mental and spiritual power inherent in the human and cosmic nature. Books by traditional fields of science supplement also works on magic, occultism, paganism, mysticism, Freemasonry, shamanism, Kabala and other forms of cohabitation. Bookcases of Theosophical Library also have plenty of material on alchemy and various fields of science, spiritual ecology, near-death experiences, scientific anomalies and unexplained phenomena in biology, evolution and cosmogenesis.

Readers can follow the ideas that helped people of different cultures finding a deeper meaning in life. Emphasis is given to a vast collections of world-famous theosophists such as Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, C. W. Leadbeater, Annie Besant, Alice Bailey, Mabel Collins and other authors whose works are in Slovenia inaccessible or non-existent, such as Jiddu Krishnamurti, Osho and Sri Aurobindo.

The TKBAK has a mission to be a place of exploration, deepening and getting to know what is the core of life of all living beings. We therefore invite similarly reflective and sentient, to join us in lectures, weekend workshops, study groups and meditation. Like all libraries, even in our library we present interesting books and movies, and make sure to have fun and socialize in the evenings entertainment. We invite interesting speakers from various fields with extensive knowledge and personal experience.


Visitors are welcome to take break in our premises, in oasis of tranquility in the middle of the city, where they can have a cup of tea, chat a little, browse some interesting book or magazines… they are invited to study and research, we can assist you in finding the material you are interested in.