Library rules

To ensure the library items in accordance with this policy is the responsibility of a librarian.

Library is open to external users every working day from 8 to 15th hour. At weekends and feasts is library closed.


Library order defines types of service of TKBAK, type of bussiness, rules of membership and relations between employees, it’s members and users.

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Library provides specialized material and specialized information from fields of theosophy, philosophy.


(Users and members of the library)

Library services can be used by anyone, who becomes her member.
Services, for which there is no need to mantain loan registry, can be used also by other visitors, that are not members of library.

Person can become member of library by entry into member registry.

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The amount of the membership fee is defined in pricelist, which is in the library displayed in a prominent place.
The membership fee is annual.

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User, wanting to become member of library, must provide personal identification document with image and must complete and sign the application form.

The unemployed, pensioners and students demonstrate their status with the appropriate official document.

For underage, their parents or guardians sign membership document.

By signing the subscription, member undertakes to abide by and to act according to the library’s order.

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(Termination of Membership)

Membership in the library stops:

–       at non-payed annual membership

–       at written request of a member or

–       from faulty reasons of member.

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(Membership card)

Upon enrollment, members receive a membership card. The membership card cannot be transfered to another person.

At each visit a library member is obliged to show a membership card. Librarian has the right to require proof of the visitor’s personal identification. Upon a finding of infringement, the infringer card will be withdrawn. Membership card abuse is criminal and material responsibility of the member .

The member is obliged to protect membership card against damage. Damaged, lost or stolen library card library replaces at the expense of the member.

8. article

The member is obliged to inform the library about a change of address or other changes to the information given on joining the library within 15 days. If card must be replaced because of change of personal data, cost of replacing must be payed by member of library.



Visitors to the library should be in the library abide by applicable rules of decent behavior.

Members and users must deal responsibly with computer equipment and other library inventory. With their behavior they should not interfere with work and study of other members.

It is not allowed to bring baggage, food and intoxicating substances to library.

Careful use of non-alcoholic drinks is permitted.

The library is not responsible for theft or loss of personal property.

At arrival at the premises of the library, members and users should wear slippers, which are of a sufficient number available in the library. Persons that will not take this provision into account, the entrance to the library will be prohibited.

In case of violation of the provisions of law, library staff has the right to draw the attention of the visitor and ask him to leave.

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(Computer use)

Before computer use, the user should go to librarian, show personal card.
Computer can be used only by one person, which is materially responsible for hardware and software failure.
Computer use is free, printing has price, which we calculate after price list.

Time of use can be limited by staff (dependant on needs)

Library doesn’t take responsibility for any damage, that could be caused as effect of using media, which users use when at computer (memory cards, USB keys, CDs…).

It is not permitted to install and play games on computer.
It is not permitted to install and use software for communication via web (online chat, MSN, chats…).
It is not permitted to change settings and transfering own documents to computer.
It is not permitted to browse web pages with inappropriate content (pornography, violence…).
User should respect rules of library. In case of violation, we will deny access to computer.


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(Office hours)

Library operates from monday to friday from 8.00 to 15.00.
If rules of operating change, library informs about this its users and members.

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(Rental of material)

Loaning and returning material is possible only with submitting membership card.
Material can be loaned to users only by staff of library. Member mustn’t take material from library without evidenting loaned material with one of the staff of library.

Technically processed and equipped material can be loaned. Certain types of materials are subject to a restriction in itself and can be used only in the library or in the reading room.

Members are not allowed to borrow material to other persons. It is not allowed to borrow material under different name.
They are responsible for borrowed material, as long as it is rented on their name.

Library material can be exceptionally taken by the person who is not the holder of the card, but only with the authorization of the holder. Librarian in this case can require proof of personal identity.

13. article

(Limitation of borrowing)

On the home can not be borrowed:

–       material with free access with the designation of “for the reading room”:

–       serial publications

–       valuable work

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(Loan period)

A member may borrow materials for a period of specified time. Loan period for books is 14 days.
Due to the increasing demand for a given material, a staff member of library can shorten loan period and suspend the possibility of lengthening.

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(Extension of time limits)

A member who has paid all obligations of the library, can extend loan time up to three times, provided that the following material shall not be demand or that it is not reserved.

The loan period of materials may be renewed in person, by telephone or email.

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(reservation of material)

Members can reserve currently free or borrowed materials. Booking can be made in person, by phone or via email.

Reserved material that is free is waiting member for three working days.

When reserving the borrowed material, member is placed on a waiting list. When material is free, the library informs in an agreed manner.

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(Exceeding loan deadlines and reminders)

Members must return borrowed materials within the prescribed period. There are three strikes. A member who after the expiry of the deadline don’t return borrowed material, the library sends him a first written warning. If a member of the first notice does not respond within a week, we send you another reminder. The same applies to the third reminder. A member who receives a third warning, can no longer benefit from library services until the return of borrowed materials and the cost borne by default.

Default costs consist of the costs of reminders and late fees that are levied on the first day of the deadline overruns loaned up to date of returning material for each unit separately.

If a member despite reminders don’t return material, we put member on the list of debtors and the give case over to the court.

18. article

(Damage and loss of material)

The member is obliged to return the borrowed materials intact. Materials must not be smudged, underlined or otherwise damaged, markings of ownership must not be removed. Damage to the material assesses the leader of the library.

The duty of a member is to review the loaned documents and report damaged or missing pages to the library. Librarian is obliged to inventory damages.

Member must pay for loss and damage of material with paying of costs for purschase of new material, or material replaced with an identical material. To value of lost materials are added costs of processing and equipment of materials.materials.
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(Information about material)

Data about materials can members search in computer databases. Short informations about material can be gotten via phone.

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(Obligations of library toward members and users)

Staff of the library is required to act with users according to policy of Library, the rules of business behavior in the library and the principles of the Code of Ethics of Slovenian librarians. It takes into account current legislation regarding the protection of personal data and ensures the protection and confidentiality of information provided upon enrollment or later handed over to members of the library the records of membership, it is also obliged to comply with the legislation on the protection of copyright and related rights.

If a member of the library considers that its membership or human rights are violated, he may appeal to the Head of the Library.



Members must be at registration familiarized with library’s order. It must be available in written and electronic form.
Library’s order is being applied since 01.06.2011